Conduct Company Research

 Research should always be your first step after accepting an interview. Gathering background information on employers is crucial to successful interview preparation. 

Practice Interview Technique

YAH! Can prepare you for that all-important interview we have interview technique courses taught one-on-one or in a group session call us 1-888-393-3310.     

Be Prepared for Different Types of Interviews

It is important to know what type of interview you will have, so you can prepared ask beforehand. You will prepare slightly differently whether it's your first, second, or final interview, or a group interview. You will also have to practice using different technologies, for instance a phone or video interview.      

What to Wear

Your first impression is very important, and what you wear is a big part of that first. You want to ensure you look professional and appropriate. In general, men wear a dark suit and tie, and women often wear a dark suit or a blouse with dark pants or a skirt. You should also limit any accessories, be sure to be well groomed, and that your clothes fit well.        

The Day of the Interview

It is very important to be on time for the interview. On time means ten to 15 minutes early. Make sure you know the interviewer's name and use it as soon as possible during the interview. Remember to bring an extra copy of your resume, any work samples you want to show, and a leather portfolio or folder to hold it all.    

Take the Time to Follow Up

 End the interview with a thank you to the interviewer and reiterate your interest in the position. Then follow-up with a thank you note or email, reiterating your interest. This is an opportunity to remind the employer of your qualifications, and include any details you forgot to mention in the interview.     

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